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I Love Books

I love books. I've loved books before I could even read them. I remember spending any free moments poring over the pictures, trying to pick out the words. I can recall the first triumphant moments when words began to make sense to me. I grew up in a house filled with books and with parents who read me The Hobbit, Little House in the Big Woods, The Chronicles of Narnia and so many others. I brought stacks home from the library, browsed through my dad's office shelves, used up the batteries in my flashlight while reading under the covers. The first chapter book I ever read on my own was Lassie Come Home by Eric Knight. In grade three I dressed up as Bilbo Baggins for Character Day at school. I chose to study writing and literature at university and spent five years working at a new and used bookstore. I believe life is too short to read bad books but fortunately there are so many fine books out there. I hope to share some old favourites here and some new discoveries. In my reviews I'll let you know what I like and what I don't and why and tell you why I think you should read a book. Or I'll tell you why you shouldn't. The books I read are my own choices, titles that grab me or that others have recommended to me. I always welcome new recommendations!

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